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F & F Carpet Cleaning Inc, provides several types of service from carpet cleaning to water restoration. We have been serving Arizona for over 20 years and are dedicated to quality in our work and customer care. We have several trucks and are staffed with experienced professionals to best serve our customers.

Our services include carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, upholstery cleaningtile and grout cleaningcarpet repair, air duct cleaningrug padding, and water extraction. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions or inquiries.

Our facility is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and we offer service all throughout the Valley. Our services areas include Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Guadalupe, Mesa, Apache Junction, Queen Creek, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, Carefree, Glendale, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Surprise, Avondale, Peoria, El Mirage, Sun City, Sun City West, Tolleson, and Youngtown.

As you can see we really service the entire valley.


Area Rug Cleaning

Although it may seem like the area rug cleaning process would be the same as the carpet in your home or office, this is NOT the case. Many high-end area rugs are constructed of fibers that respond differently to cleaning than the traditional home and office carpet would. We take the appropriate precautions to ensure your area rugs are not damaged in the cleaning process. With our high-end cleaning products and professionally trained technicians, your area rug is safe with us!

A thorough inspection of your area rug is done before any cleaning ever takes place! After the inspection, our trained technicians will determine the best method of cleaning. Depending on the type of area rug you need to be cleaned will determine where we need to clean the rug. In some situations, we can clean your area rug on location. With certain higher-end rugs, it may be necessary for us to clean it at our shop.

For more information please or questions, please call us at or fill out our quote form.


Types of Rugs We Clean

  • Oriental
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Persian
  • Fur
  • Antique
  • Sisal
  • Bearskin
  • Sheepskin
  • and more

Expert Carpet Cleaning

Many people do not look at the carpet in their home as an investment, however, it is just that. So as you would with any investment you should take the appropriate steps to protect your investment. We take pride in using the most effective cleaning solutions for your specific type of carpet.

Carpet fibers attract dust, mites, dirt, pet dandruff, and allergens. Cleaning your carpets not helps keep a fresh and healthy home, but also protects the health of your family and your carpet. Regular carpet cleaning helps keep the fibers of your carpet healthy.

Our fully trained technicians will ensure all carpet manufacture warranty requirements are met. We pay close attention to any spots, stains, odors, and heavy traffic areas that may need additional attention. Our highly advanced truck mounted systems will remove tough ground-in stains and have your carpet looking and smelling like new. For more information on our residential carpet cleaning services, please give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions on our cleaning methods, pricing, and availability.

F & F Carpet Cleaning is located in Scottsdale and provides services in Scottsdale and throughout the surrounding areas. We are happy to come to Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and for a free estimate.

Carpet Repair

There are a variety of ways to repair carpets depending on the damage and the type of material. Often times, repairing your carpet is a much more cost-effective choice, especially if the damage is only in one area. Carpet repairs are actually much more common than most people think. It is very possible that at some point, you will need to do a carpet repair. Carpet repairs include a variety of techniques, many of which are very affordable and can extend the life of your carpet.

The most common types of carpet repair are stretching, re-seaming, threshold repair, dying, and patchwork.

Carpet stretching is necessary when the carpet has lumps or wrinkles. The process of stretching the carpet will make the carpet flat and provide a fresh look to the carpet. It will also extend the life of your carpet by eliminating the uneven wear of the carpet when the carpet is wrinkled or bunched up.

Dying the carpet is an affordable way to cover up the spills or stains on the carpet, especially when products such as bleach are spilled. In cases where dying the carpet is not a possibility, we can use patchwork techniques to replace a small area of the carpet that has been damaged or stained. Both dying and patching as very affordable services in comparison to carpet replacement.

If your carpet is damaged and you need help determining if the damage can be repaired, give us a call today and we’d be happy to inform you of what carpet repair techniques may work for you. We do also offer new carpet sales at very competitive rates. We have several varieties to choose from, from lost cost carpet to high end, luxury carpet, depending on your needs.

F&F Carpet Cleaning offers free, no-obligation quotes for the carpet repair costs!

Pet Stains & Odor

New Pet..or several pets? Accidents are bound to happen! Even with a house trained pet, your carpets and upholstery are subject to additional abuse and unpleasant odors. We use a complete cleaning process to ensure pet stains are kept to a minimum and the pet odor is reduced or eliminated. The sooner a pet stain is treated, the better the chances of avoiding permanent stains and odor.

The sooner the pet stain is treated, the better

With a urine stain, it is extremely important to not allow the stain to set into the multiple layers of your carpeting. Pet urine can cause certain types of carpet fibers to have permanent dye structure damage, that cannot be repaired. Although we cannot guarantee that every pet stain and pet odor can be removed, we use the most effective techniques available to professional carpet cleaners to treat pet and odor stains.

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Rug Padding


Why Use a Rug Pad? Do I need one?

The answer is yes, however some situations exist where a pad might not be appropriate for an area rug. That being said, below are the benefits of having a rug pad.


  • High-quality rug pads act as a buffer between rugs and floor, increasing the lifespan of your area rug.
  • A rug pad will prevent dirt and other debris from getting trapped beneath rugs and ground into the floor from foot traffic.
  • A rug pad can help protect the flooring underneath. Some area rugs have a rough backing, which could cause scratches to your hardwood flooring or other types of flooring surfaces.
  • A rug pad will prevent slipping – a rug pad helps to keep the area rug lying flat and in place. A good rug pad grips the area rug to keep it from sliding around. Even area rugs that are anchored by furniture can shift, causing them to buckle and bunch creating Tripping Hazards.
  • Pet Barrier Rug Pads do all the above as well as prevent liquids from getting to the floor underneath. Pet Barrier Pads are great for Hardwood flooring or if you put a rug on top of the wall to wall carpeting.
  • Other Considerations: Comfort & noise reduction.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

One of the most difficult and time-consuming cleaning processes is the tile and grout in your home or place of business. Over time dirt gets worked into small crevasses of your tile and grout and can be nearly impossible to remove. We use our high-end cleaning products, equipment, and hot water to get the ground in dirt out your tile and grout, leaving it looking brand new.

Different types of tile and grout may require different cleaning techniques, and this is the reason we send one of our fully trained technicians to your home or work. After the cleaning process takes place, we will use a special penetrating sealant to keep your tile and grout cleaner for a longer period of time.

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

Professional cleaning aids in the longevity of your tile and floors. F & F Carpet Cleaning has been providing top quality floor and tile care in Scottsdale, Phoenix and surrounding areas for over a decade. Not only do we use state of the art equipment for carpet and flooring, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We provide high-quality service and maintenance solutions specific to each customer and their need.

Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Upholstery Cleaning

We understand how important your upholstery is to you, and we take our time ensuring the appropriate cleaning methods are ALWAYS used. We pre-inspect each piece of your upholstery to ensure no damage takes place during the cleaning process. In most cases, upholstery is made up of different types of fibers that require the expertise of our trained cleaning technicians. If the proper method is not used on your upholstery, permanent damage can take place. Do not trust your upholstery with just any cleaner!

F & F Carpet Cleaning is very experienced when it comes to upholstery care. We have a thorough process that delivers the very best results for your furniture, upholstery, carpets, and floors.

Furniture & Upholstery

The first and most important step in the upholstery cleaning process is to inspect what we will be cleaning. Our trained technicians perform a thorough inspection and determine if we can clean on location, or if your upholstery will need to be cleaned at our location. After the inspection, our fully trained technician will go through your options for cleaning your upholstery.

We offer upholstery cleaning in Scottsdale and surrounding areas – Sofas, Chairs, over-sized furniture, dining room chairs, curtains, and more.

For more information please call or fill out one of our quote forms.

Water Extraction

When a flood happens in your home or business you cannot wait to address the problem. This is why we are available 24/7 for our emergency flood and water extraction services. If you do not immediately take care of the damage, you are risking a chance of further damage and possible health problems.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to come into your home or business and extract all flood water and prevent any further damage from happening. Our fully trained technicians are experienced in both commercial and residential emergency flood and water extraction services

Don’t let an emergency flood destroy your home or business. Leaks, water damage, and flooding should always be dealt with promptly to avoid additional problems and costs. If plumbing leaks or water damage are left to long, not only do you risk destroying valuable property, but you also increase your risk of mold. Mold growth is a dangerous problem that can pose severe health risks. We offer mold inspections and mold remediation for residential and commercial properties.

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Service Preparation


We believe in providing the best in quality and service tour clients. We guarantee a long-lasting deep clean for your carpets and rugs. That all starts with the proper service preparation. This is what you receive when F&F Carpet Cleaning, Inc. cleans your Carpets & Rugs:


Carpet Cleaning Preparation


  • Long-Lasting Deep Clean – We extract all the dirt, grime & debris of 100% of your carpet yarns. We don’t just buff the surface like some bonnet or carbonation methods (Dry-Chemical Systems) do. With our cleaning process, your carpets and rugs will stay cleaner longer because we extract all the dirt & debris.
  • Kills Germs, Bacteria, and Dust Mites – Our High Powered, Truck-Mounted Steam Extraction process kills and extracts most germs, bacteria, and dust mites from your carpet fibers. 98% of the carpet mills recommend hot water extraction (steam) as the preferred cleaning method.
  • Safe-Bio-Degradable Cleaning Agents– The cleaning agents we use are designed for your particular carpet & rug fibers and are safe for children and animals.
  • No Cleaning Residue Left in Your Carpets – We use rinsing strokes to make sure no cleaning residue is left in your carpet yarns. By flushing out all the dirt, grime, and cleaning agents we restore your matted traffic lanes to fluffy and soft carpet fibers with no soap residue making your carpets stay cleaner longer.
  • Fast Drying Time –Because of our deep extraction, van-powered truck-mounted equipment, we pick up 98% of the moisture we put down. Only your carpet fibers are barely damp. Depending on the grade of carpeting and the air circulation in your home our drying time is approx. 2-10 hours.
  • We don’t Cut Corners, We Clean Them –We take all the time needed to clean every square inch thoroughly.
  • We Move Light Furniture –We move light furniture and place plastic tabs and blocks under the furniture so the carpets will dry properly.

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